Boost your Coffee Business with Bottles

Published :  January 12, 2017

Give your customers a quick pick-me-up with Starbucks® ready-to-drink bottles.

Coffee continues its reign as one of the most popular drinks on the market and why wouldn’t it? It’s tasty, portable, and energizing. However, coffee consumption is changing and growing in a multitude of ways. Today many people stop and buy a cup — or bottle — of joe as part of their morning routine, afternoon break or evening pick-me-up and it’s not just a basic cup of coffee they want. Unique flavors, varying degrees of caffeine, and portable options and exciting coffee drinkers. Coffee can be an incredible source of revenue for small business owners if done right and Ready-to-Drink items can help you boost profits due to their year-round consumption.


Bottled It Up

Starbucks® bottled beverages have been a huge hit in the marketplace and they’re only just getting started. Some of the most popular items include:

1. Frappuccino® Bottled Coffee Drink

This delicious drink is a major hit with female consumers wanting a sweet fix and comes in tasty flavors such as S’more, which tastes like a yummy marshmallow treat.

2. Cold Brew

Especially popular with millennial men, this strong beverage is rising to the occasion and is one of Starbucks® most popular ready-to-drink beverages. Customers can try the flavor black and unsweetened. This is one of the pricier bottled beverages but all signs indicate consumers are willing to pay for that extra jolt.

3. Doubleshot®

For those who want the strongest caffeine boost, there are many Doubleshot varieties for customers.