SodaStream Professional is changing the way that people drink water

Whether they’re at home, work, or on-the-go, we’ve given people a way to make healthier and more sustainable choices throughout their day and achieve their personal hydration goals. SodaStream Professional offers a variety of great tasting unsweetened flavor, carbonation, and temperature options that can be customized for every pour.

SodaStream Professional is a fully connected ecosystem

Our connected ecosystem allows users to easily track their unique hydration and sustainability goals.

The ecosystem is made up of three components: a beautifully designed water dispenser, a companion smartphone app, and a QR code sticker for reusable bottles that enables users to seamlessly sign in and enjoy a fully personalized experience.

Our custom-built SodaStream Connect™ app automatically syncs with the dispenser to track users’ water intake and allows them to set their own daily hydration goals. Additionally, it measures environmental impact with a count of plastic bottles saved with each pour, and remembers favorites and past drink customizations for future refills.

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Delicious flavors & Nano-filtered refreshment

SodaStream Professional offers classic flavors like strawberry, peach and lime, as well as exciting blends like orange grapefruit, lemon mint, and raspberry lime. All SodaStream Professional flavors are unsweetened.

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