Pepsico Foodservice Digital Lab

Want help with the digital side of your business?

PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab is on it.

PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab is here to help you with the key technology challenges and digital opportunities you face in your operation every day.

We’ve done extensive research and partnered with leading companies and experts to help you make sure every step along the digital journey—from your customers’ first tap, click, and search to your last receipt, review, and reward—is serving you in the best possible way.


Our Partners

Our digital preferred partners have been carefully selected to address your main areas of concern. We have worked with them to understand how you can best use their services to better your business, and as a PepsiCo Foodservice customer, you’ll get access to exclusive rates, tips, and activations you won’t find anywhere else.


Delivery Playbook


Check out the latest on delivery in foodservice, why consumers love it so much, and how you use it boost check averages.



Online Review & Reputation Management

Find out where and how to claim your business on review sites, what to do when responding to positive and negative reviews, how quickly to respond, and much more.



Search & Discovery

Coming Soon!


Loyalty & Rewards

Coming Soon!


Digital Trends

Coming Soon!