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The allure of fizzy craft beverages

Published :  July 22, 2017

This new carbonated segment is helping to invigorate sales and attract customers to this growing category. 

Consumers love their beverages, especially the fizzy ones. But the landscape for what people want is changing. More and more customers are looking for drinks made with natural flavors in the form of cane sugar, ginger, fruits and herbs. In fact, 47 percent say they’d be likely to purchase a beverage with reduced sugar.1 Consumption of natural, craft, and naturally sweetened carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) has increased this year compared to last. Craft sodas are typically defined as being manufactured in smaller batches with more natural ingredients and they’re moving from a specialty item to becoming more in demand from a mainstream audience. Discover the benefits of stocking and selling the hottest bubbles on the market.


Don’t be Stubborn about Carrying Craft Soda

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Sixty-one percent of adults say they’d be likely to purchase beverages that are naturally sweetened.1 In fact, carbonated beverage sales at natural channels experienced a 14.3 percent sales gain from February 2013-15 and sales for CSDs sweetened with real sugar jumped 22.2 percent in that same time frame.2 Sodas with natural sugars and authentic flavors such as Stubborn Soda®, are one of the reasons. This craft soda is a tasty way to indulge without imbibing a laundry list of artificial ingredients. Made with no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup and natural flavors, Stubborn is taking aim at customers looking to mix up the traditional with unexpected flavor combinations like Black Cherry with Tarragon, Orange Hibiscus and Lemon Berry Açaì. On top of unique flavor profiles, Stubborn is packaged in glass bottles, which appeal to those who love retro packaging and their fountains include a "tap-like pouring ritual” called the Stubborn Tapper, and come with special glasses designed to enhance the flavor of the soda. This not only creates a high-end look, it warrants a higher price point that millennials and other adventurous drinkers are willing to pay.


Natural Flavor is a Favorite

Unique, multifaceted flavors create an unique taste experience for users, with more than two in five drinking or interested in drinking craft sodas because of their creative flavors, and more than a quarter for the complex taste.2 Sparkling waters and flavored sparkling waters are also on the rise and might fit the bill for those seeking creative tastes. Aquafina® recently introduced Aquafina Sparkling, which also contains no calories or sweeteners. It comes in an elegant thin can and includes flavors like Black Cherry Dragonfruit, Orange Grapefruit and Mango Pineapple. For consumers who want more than bottled still water, this is the perfect way to satisfy their thirst with all the flavor, but without the extra calories. Another sparkling beverage that’s gaining popularity is IZZE® made with cane sugar and certified organic flavors. This sparkling water and juice brand comes in glass bottles and features creative flavors like Mandarin Lime, Blackberry Pear, Raspberry Watermelon and more.
It’s time for your business to bubble over with consumers by getting crafty. Find out how your establishment can carry all of these beverages and help stem the soda slump.
It’s time for your business to bubble over with consumers by getting crafty.

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